Intergalactic Hitchikers


Harmondia roots back to 1998 which is the year that Burak Irmak and Berke Can Özcan met each other. Although the two of them have been in a lot of other bands together in the past 20 years, this is their very first album as a duo A Strange Tissue of Space and Time

Harmondia - A Strange Tissue of Space and Time album cover
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Berke Can Özcan and Burak Irmak
Berke Can Özcan Burak Irmak
Burak Irmak
keyboards, sampler, clarinet
Berke Can Özcan
drums, percussion
all music composed and performed by
mixed by
Pharoah Talin
mastered by
Emre Değer
recorded at
studio mermaid, Beykoz, Istanbul